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"Just a note to let you know how much I love the Dog Silencer Pro. I ordered it, received it very quickly, set it up and viola! NO MORE BARKING! It's amazing how fast and effectively it controlled the barking of my two dogs and my neighbors three. I highly recommend your product. Thanks."

Tracy M. – Ivins, UT

“This is a big thank you from Australia. My partner and I, no matter it seemed where we moved to, had a little irritating "yapper" next door to us and it really made us irritable and crazy at times. Thanks to your product we live the "Good Life", peace is king, we can now stream our favorite jazz from the internet, sip our wine in the patio and lift our glasses to the marvelous invention that hangs on the window - Dog Silencer Pro!! As we say in Australia "You bloody ripper!!!”

Clifford B. – Australia

"Wow! It only took 3 days for my neighbor’s dogs to quiet down. They have been a nuisance for 2 years and I had no idea it was so easy with your product to train them to be normal animals. I can sleep now. Thank you very much."

David G. – San Diego, CA

"I ordered the Dog Silencer Pro fully expecting I would be returning it. I have tried several products that claim to quiet barking dogs only to ultimately dump them in the garbage. I received my Pro unit just after I ordered it, excellent service! I installed it the next day and much to my surprise I saw results almost immediately. My problem is with my neighbors dogs. They bark incessantly at most everything. I have had to yell at them to shut up several times a day. Now I hear them only occasionally and for the most part when they do have good reason to bark. This is an excellent product. Well done!"

Tom W. – Beaverton, OR

"Dear great folk at Good Life Inc., I wanted to let you know the Dog Silencer Pro worked marvels for my Mom's neighbor's dog who was barking in the middle of the night. The whole family can sleep in peace now. And that was after just 3 days!

I also tested it on my cats when they howled and they quieted immediately too (although they might mark in fear so go easy on the gentle ones). Best of all, I don't even have to turn it on for them now because just the sight of the Dog Silencer Pro silences them. Definitely recommended for cats! :D

Thank you for an amazing product that has given 2 families (and their neighbors) a good night's sleep."

Kathy – Singapore

“Unbelievable. I no longer sound like the crazy lady on the block yelling at the dogs to shut up. That first day I put up the Dog Silencer Pro I felt like I had been transported to another neighborhood. I actually kept waiting for a bark I was amazed. I thanked God for the peace it gave me. I had been listening to those hound dogs for twenty five years. I couldn't go outside most of the time. Praise God for the Dog Silencer Pro. Now I can wash my Volkswagen Beetle without five miniatures barking at me. I love you people at Good Life. What the Dog Silencer Pro did was quiet the entire neighborhood. I'm in Heaven.”

Joan A. – Pensacola, FL

“Dear Good Life, Wow your product gave us back our watch dog and our good night's sleep. We live out in the middle of dry land wheat country and have an awesome Anatolian Shepherd. Her job is to protect our property from predators etc. She does her nightly warning barks as she moves around the property. This is all great until she stops at our bedroom window and barks and barks. I didn't want her to stop doing her job I just wanted her to not do it outside our bedroom window. I started to kennel her at night to keep her quiet. This was just wrong. She is now beautiful, smart and useful. There for a while I thought I had a 30 inch 120 lb house dog... Thank you for the awesome product.”

Tara, the Anatolian Shepherd and her Ma Ma Corinne – Waitsburg, WA

“I’m amazed at the results of this product!!! You couldn’t pay me to give it back.”

Linda – Houston, TX

“This product works so well I have every dog within 2 blocks being quiet. It took about 2 weeks but this thing is no joke. Thank you.”

Tom S. – Vallejo, CA

“Our dog was in serious danger of getting the poisoned meatball from our neighbors. He barks at everyone and everything that comes and goes. We bought the Dog Silencer Pro from Good Life Company. I know, I know! It's online commerce from a company with which I am not familiar. That's part of the thrill for me. Anyway, this product emits an ultrasonic noise every time B.A. barks. The website says that it might take a couple of weeks to see results, (so don't send it back for a refund until two weeks are up). That made me hesitant to get the product. However, I started using it yesterday, and I'm already seeing results. It has caused our house to be much more peaceful, and I'm not worried about animal control coming.

I had a shock collar once. That's how desperate I was. It didn't affect B.A. He barked through the pain. I didn't have the heart to keep it on him. (Actually, I think his fur was too thick for the probes to get in). This gadget is much more effective than the shock collar was. Before I fully recommend it, I'm going to watch and see if the success becomes permanent.

The company sells Pre-Owned units for a bit of a discount. (It may be from all those people who didn't see immediate results.) I bought the discounted unit, and it is working like a charm. You can use this gadget on your neighbor's dog as well. It comes with a remote control to trigger the gadget for animals outside of the sensor's range. Since it lets out an ultrasonic noise, your neighbor will be none the wiser that you are training his dog not to bark.”

John – Kentucky

“I thank you for your contribution to a peaceful place to live.

After 6 years of listening to the chaotic noise of over 10 neighborhood dogs, it's been 3 months with hardly a howl. We purchased 2 units so far and will be purchasing 2 more- one for each corner of the property. The extra remote controls come in handy as we will have 8 remote controls laying around the house within easy reach for manual activation. Now, our infant daughter can sleep and so can we.”

Blanca – Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you so much! Believe it or not our neighbor’s dogs have shut up!!!! Yiipppyyy! I have listened to those dogs for over 3 years and now silence! I can't believe it! The other neighbors probably wonder what happened! I have been home all day today (Veterans Day) working outside in the back yard and not one peep out of either one of them! I could just kiss your company all over! Wow, why did I wait so long! Of course I didn't find you until last month! You need to put commercials on TV! Shout it from the roof tops!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Bruce – Meridian, ID

"Maybe you have to do as much 'net shopping as I do in order to really be able to compare customer service from place to place. What I said still stands - you're really good. And if your company employs really good people who care about doing what they're paid to do, that alone steers folks like myself away from doing business with companies who drop the customer service ball. After all, 'net shopping means we don't get to see a product before we buy or talk face to face with a sales person re the product's effectiveness. Thanks for such a speedy, detailed and comprehensive response to my email – everything I need to know! Good customer service is unusual these days. Thanks again!"

Valeria P. – Pennsylvania

"I am thrilled with the Dog Silencer Pro and I would recommend it for anyone who is bothered by a barking dog. Our next door neighbor has 2 dogs that would bark at all times of the day and night and within days of installing this product the barking stopped almost completely. I now able to enjoy my back yard and I can have all of the windows open without having to worry about the incessant barking anymore. This was the best money I ever spent!"


"Our neighbors often leave for hours with their 2 dogs outside and when they are gone the dogs bark at everything. Other dogs, me, a leaf blowing across the yard; anything could start them and seemingly nothing would stop them. At the time I bought your product I didn't think it would likely work, but to be honest I thought if it just annoyed the dogs half as much as they annoyed me that alone would be worth the money. I was a little stunned; I noticed a difference after 1 day but I wouldn't let myself believe it. The dogs’ barking started at a typically loud bark and then dropped to a sort of grumbling low volume woof. It has now been 2 1/2 weeks and while they are not totally silent, there has been a 75-80% improvement and that gives me my backyard and sanity back. Also, I am able to receive and shoot the signal through a fairly thickly leaved tree and it still shuts them down. This is a great product. Thank you."

Jeff M. – St. Louis, MO

"To the neighbor behind me who so graciously built their kennel next to my fence. Wonder what happened to your two beast's constant barking? Ha Ha!"

[Update]  ..."Your product is truly remarkable. It worked in just 15 minutes after set-up."

Gary C.

"Ahhhh Silence. After the merging of families and packs, one of the three Chihuahuas new to the household was barking for hours at night. We continued like this for more than a month. Some nights were better than others, but no nights were bark free. No one was getting much sleep, some nights were completely devoid of sleep, and we were reaching the point of an angry mob. The other Huas were doing just fine adjusting to the new sleeping arrangements. After purchasing the Dog Silencer Pro and only using it at night, the nocturnal barking slowly started to diminish over the course of about a week and a half (she is a stubborn Hua). I am proud to announce that we have been bark free at night for about a week now and everything seems to settling down. It is amazing how a restful night improves one’s demeanor. The formerly barking Hua seems to have suffered no ill effect. She is just as happy to see us in the morning; she just greets us quietly. The Dog Silencer Pro is the best $100 mental heath investment I have ever made!"

C.J. – Northern Virginia

"I had my doubts when I ordered your product. However, I am so glad I did! My neighbor’s dog would bark at me and everything nonstop. I couldn't even relax in my own backyard, enjoy a barbecue or listen to the birds sing. I would also be awakened by the dog early in the morning on the weekends. Thank God I stumbled across the Dog Silencer Pro. Upon installation my neighbor’s dog came charging to the fence, barked twice then stopped turned around and ran away. Amazingly within minutes the dog stopped the nuisance barking. Now I can walk into my yard and have peace and quiet! This product is the most humane way to attain peace and quiet without hurting the dog. After all it’s not the dogs fault; it’s the negligent owner's fault, for failing to contribute to the quality of life of one’s neighbor! Thanks again."

Steve R. – Hixon, TN

Update:  "My Dog Silencer Pro is still working! It is my most prized possession. For a while I worried that something might happen to it, that it might become inoperative. It has not. I am very happy that I got the extension cord and extra remotes. I never go outside, unless I have my remote in hand. I panic if I cannot find my remotes... Many Thanks Again, Most Sincerely,"

Diana S. – Goliad, TX

"Your customer service is outstanding!"

Pamela P. – OH

"Thank you for having such a wonderful product. We bought our first home last fall. The only problem was the 3 Pomeranians behind us. I have never heard so much noise come out of such a little package. We thought "It will be ok when they get used to us" Well that never happened. One time at 2 in the morning I got up and one of them was barking at the moon, and I'm not kidding!! We couldn't go in the back yard at all without them freaking out. I couldn't even sneak the slider door open without them going crazy. It was a nightmare. I had to find something to fix this or I was going to do something that I might not regret, but WILL get in trouble for. I found your product, "Dog Silencer Pro" but put off buying it for a month or two. (I don't know why) I received it on Friday, put it up, and in 15-20 min all was quiet!! It was amazing. Now I can go out on the deck, make noise and do whatever I want and don't hear a thing! I still hear a bark or 2 every once in a while but that's ok because I expect a dog to bark every now and then. Thank you and the surrounding neighbors thank you. Our nightmare is over."

Ken O. – Spokane, WA

"I have 2 dogs, both of which love it when we come home from work. They bark and jump up to greet us. I saw the Dog-Off and was excited. I was amazed at the immediate response that I received from them. I greeted them, told them to get down and then pressed the button, and they both stopped and sat!!!! They didn’t cower or anything, just sat there looking at me! Great product and I am definitely going to tell all of my friends!!"

S.W. – Medford, OR.

“For over a month, animal-control here in Northern Idaho has been unable to quiet my neighbor's dogs. The sheriff gets upward of 35 dog calls a day, way too many to handle effectively. I believe that God helps those who help themselves, so I mounted the Dog Silencer Pro in a blue-spruce near the back fence. As soon as I plugged it in, the results were amazing. After just one "woof" the more aggressive dog turned tail and retreated. Dog Silencer Pro exceeded my expectations. Thanks Good Life!!”

Bob S. – Idaho

“Great product; trained my neighbor’s large, constant barking dog to be quiet.  Recommending to a neighbor who has the same problem that I once had.”

Jim L. – Arizona

"I ordered the [Dog Silencer Pro] a month ago and absolutely love it. I have 3 small dogs and the neighbor has 3. One would set the others off and now it is pretty peaceful.  I can add that the "intruder" bark continues, but not the usual barking when someone is walking down the street past your house or yard. The remote is great too."

Jo Ann F. – Medford, OR

"Thank you for the wonderful product. We have been harassed by the neighbors FIVE Yorkies for over three years now. They actually taught their dogs to be mean and bark when they saw us. We were not able to go outside and enjoy our property and when the neighbor saw us they would purposefully let their dogs out to make us miserable. We were near the point of going to court over this as they had been warned by the county to keep their dogs quiet. My mother pointed out this product to us and it is now attached to a tree near the place where the dogs bark. The unit worked immediately and so far we are experiencing no more barking. I am sure that they do not know we have this unit or that it is working. It will be wonderful to be able to go out and enjoy my back property and tend to my flowers and trees without any harassment. Thank you so much. It is a life saver!

[Update] … We are so happy to be able to tell others about your product and will do so when asked.  I noticed that even the bothersome cats in our area are running away from the inaudible noise.  It really has performed way beyond our expectations and was worth EVERY penny.  Thank you again for your wonderful product.  It certainly has made a difference in our lives."

Anonymous – PA

"I LOVE the Dog Silencer Pro! It's so quiet here...the barking next door has almost stopped completely after not even a week! I'm sure all my neighbors are thankful as well.   I wish I would have found you guys years ago!  Thanks!"

Brett F. – Los Angeles, CA

"Just a note to thank you and especially your research department for the time and effort put into the development of the Dog Silencer Pro. I have put up with my neighbors' barking dogs for more than 20 years and have tried all types of things to stop the dogs barking and charging the fence between our properties to no avail. However, in searching the internet for a solution, I ran across the Good Life Dog Silencer and thought what do I have to lose but a hundred bucks. I placed the silencer on my deck and pointed it towards the neighbors' dogs. In just 3 days I had results. On the 3rd day the more aggressive of the two charged the fence where my son and grandson were playing baseball and it was like the dog ran into an African Lion. I know my other neighbors appreciate my purchase, but they'll never know."

Joe C. – Nashville, TN

"THANK YOU!!!! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! I have been so very frustrated for the last 5 YEARS!!! When we received your product we were both very skeptical, but at our wits end in trying to peacefully resolve 3 neighbors’ barking dog issues. [Our] local city laws pretty much prevent any type of real support in resolving these types of problems. You are basically on your own.   Needless to say, barking was an everyday occurrence in our home that would make me just go nuts, crazy - night after night when I got home from work, all week-end trying to enjoy the backyard, sitting trying to eat dinner, read a book, OMG! We received your product and installed it according to the directions and within ONE DAY....NO more barking.

I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone. I LOVE IT. What a great option for the recipients of [irresponsible pet owner behavior]. TAKE YOUR OWN ACTION..... THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!"

Donna G.

"It's a miracle. Within a few hours of installing my new Dog Silencer Pro the almost constant barking and whining output from the three dogs that live next to my house dropped by 95%. For the past 6 months I have lived with the constantly irritating sounds of loud barking and then I discovered your website and immediately said I've got to give this a try. Well, I'm very happy to say that Dog Silencer Pro really works and I would recommend it to anyone suffering from noisy dog neighbors. Thank You!"

John H.

"I have to admit that I was skeptical about this product, and would not have bought it without the 45-day, money-back guarantee. We installed it yesterday and the results were instant and amazing. The true test came this morning, when our Boxer's arch-enemy (the mailman, of course) showed up. One muffled bark, and he was done. Amazing. My husband thinks we should invest in your company. $100 is a cheap price tag for peace and quiet. Thanks!!."

LeLe & Ed W. – Lisle, IL

"I was immediately impressed how quickly my Dog Silencer Pro arrived. The four dogs next door had been nuisance barking for four years. Four trips outside is all it took for the Yorkies and Chihuahua to get the training their owner won't do. I mounted it on the rear of the garage to focus the emitter into the neighbor backyard. Steve has been curious how their behavior has changed for the better. I just smile.

Everything about the Dog Silencer Pro is geared toward positive reinforcement, including the remote which only takes a few keystrokes to acquaint the barking dog(s) with humane correction. There is no better way to get a decent nights' sleep than to put the vanguard of Dog Silencer Pro on duty."

Bill O. – Plano, TX

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